The Good Ole Days

While we have been selling up a storm on Hilton Head Island, there are still some sellers and agents that seem to be waiting for the good ole days.  Those good ole days gave sellers lots of showings and offers to consider in the sale of their property.  For listing agents the good ole days meant they could sit back and wait for a buyer or another agent to bring them offers on one of their many listings regardless of price, condition and even location.  For the buyer agents, the good ole days meant they did not have to shop or sort through thousands of listings to find the perfect one, all they had to do is show the one or two that were available and ask the buyer to decide on one or the other.  For the buyers, the good ole days meant you had to decide quickly or you might lose the better property in negotitaion or by another offer.  The good ole days were simple, but they are gone and we as agents, sellers and buyers need to move on.

Correction vs. Protection

One very important part of the market that is holding us back from returning to a normal market is what I call correction vs. protection.  There are many agents and sellers that have great properties for sale, but they simply are over priced in today’s market.  It is interesting when negotiating with these sellers or agents because they hold on to old prices and try to justify the reasons it is “worthy of the asking price” without any reasons to support the price.  They pride themselves in being experts in the market.  The market statistics that they hold valuable typically offer only average list to sell price and days on the market.  These agents and sellers are typically unaware of simple fundamental principles that effect price including Supply & Demand, Cause & Effect and Substitution

Are you waiting for the buyers to come home?

We have found that if the seller is not getting any activity on the property, we have either a problem with our marketing, the properties condition, its location or its price.  It usually comes down to price, but we check all the other factors first.  Once we narrow down the problem and tweak it, it is amazing watching the buyers show up at the door. 

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