Our Marketing and Selling Systems are rocking!

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Our properties do not suffer from a lack of marketing and it looks like they will be cooking this summer.   The virtual visitors and “traffic” is totally off the charts as we head into selling season with these great properties.  We have other sites and will be adding Robbie Bunting’s Internet Marketing sites to this list, but below is the recent report on our Realtor.com, Visual Tour.com and BlogHiltonHeadRealtor.com sites.  We have seen a steady increase in the amount of page views as we head into summer and sellers offering price, condition, location and access will see activity in the weeks ahead! Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head gets ready for a busy real estate summer!

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Hilton Head has over 2.5 million visitors annually and in the coming summer weeks we will see most of them.  This year, unlike years past, we have a pent up demand and growing confidence from buyers that have been sitting on the side lines waiting for the economy to improve and their next Island visit.  Based on the buyers presence on our internet sites we are going to have a very busy real estate summer. Posted below are a few preparation suggestions for our buyers, sellers and fellow agents before the summer officially begins. Read the rest of this entry

Looking for a great way to own a piece of Hilton Head?

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There are basically four types of ownership opportunities on Hilton Head Island including homes, home-sites, villas and shares.  The share program was put together years ago for visitors that wanted a hassle free ownership on Hilton Head Island.  These share programs offer multiple weeks that are either bundled together or spread out through the year.  There are various size units and are spread throughout the Hilton Head Island area.  We have listed a few of these units that are offered for sale below:

Four shared properties at Carolina Club in Shipyard

2BR (#228) 1st quarter $36,900 MLS 304524 13 weeks
3BR (#103) Rotating quarter $59,000 MLS 301600 13 weeks
3BR (#116) Rotating quarter $59,000 MLS 306886 13 weeks
2BR (#227) Rotating eighth $20,000 MLS 305443 6 wks/7th week
3BR (#105) Rotating eighth $25,000 MLS 306403 6 wks/7th week every other year

One shared property at Brigantine Quarters in Shipyard

2BR (#254) 4th quarter $29,000 MLS 302578 13 weeks


One shared property at Springwood Villas in Forest Beach

3BR (#85) 2nd quarter $41,000 MLS 259997 13 weeks


One shared property at Spinnaker at Shipyard in Shipyard

2BR (#448) Rotating quarter $28,900 MLS 306174 13 weeks – incl golf/tennis pkg

Two shared properties at Harbourside III in Shelter Cove

2BR (#7336) Rotating quarter $69,900 MLS 246991 13 weeks
3BR (#7330) Rotating quarter $127,900 MLS 238518 13 weeks


Hassle free Ownership

If you would like to explore this concept with us, please email us atislandrealtor@hargray.com or call us toll free at 800-932-3652.  We will send you a complete package detailing the benefits of ownership, the costs, the programs and the property.

Proper Perspective on Hilton Head Real Estate

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The other day a friend and fellow Realtor published on his Trulia Blog that there were only 808 homes for sale on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  When I looked at this number I started thinking about all those baby boomers getting ready to retire or moove.  With 808 homes for sale it got me thinking that we are heading towards a housing shortage on Hilton Head Island.  The problem with the present real estate market is too often we lose the proper perspective by looking at the forest and not the trees.  Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head tips from Foskey Heating and Air

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When you are new to an area, it pays to be informed.  We have some tips that prospective home buyers should know especially if they are moving from another state or are first time buyers.  We can provide new residents and owners a copy of our Hot Tips as they come out weekly.  Too often people are fed costly lines about their systems and therefore we offer free second opinions on previously condemned systems.  In most cases we can make minor repairs and save our customers thousands.    Read the rest of this entry

Are you “window shopping” for your next Hilton Head property?

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Window Shopping for Hilton Head real estateHilton Head Buyers are “window shopping” more than ever before with information literally at their fingertips.  Their computers become the storefronts for searching  Hilton Head Homes, Hilton Head Villas, Hilton Head Lots, Hilton Head Foreclosures, Hilton Head Short Sales, Daufuskie Properties and other great listings.  Nowadays a buyer can shop for real estate without anyones help, but it can be a lot more productive with the virtual assistance of a Hilton Head Realtor.  Read the rest of this entry

“Silly” asking price or fair market value?

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My coach corrected me other day when I told him that we were asking some silly asking prices on some of the properties around Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island.  He told me to take “silly” out of my presentation and replace it with “fair market value”  I had been protecting myself and my sellers from reality by using the word “silly”.  Made me think about all the sellers that had told me that they will “wait it out” because they were not going to “give” their property away.   Read the rest of this entry

Robbie Buntings Newsletter ~ May 5, 2011

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Just click on the link below for my latest newsletter.  Thank you,  Robbie


Do your duty and refer a Hilton Head Realtor today!

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America’s economy moves when real estate sells.  It is that simple.  In every economic downturn, real estate has turned it around.  Of course real estate is selling again, but not fast enough.  One way to really super charge this economy is to refer your local Realtor or Hilton Head Realtor to just five buyers and sellers.  By referring a real estate agent, you will now be fueling the economy with new buyers or sellers and taking charge of our countries future.  The nice thing about referring a real estate agent on Hilton Head Island is that not everyone has one and many dream of someday owning property in a beautiful sub-tropical area like this.

What can you do to help the Hilton Head economy turn around?

Your real estate agent probably spends more time prospecting than actual selling today and we all need to be out selling more.  Buyers used to be easy to find, however now with the internet they are harder than ever for agents to identify and to help.  If you were to send your agent just five(5) new e-mail contacts from your sphere of influence, you would be giving this country a big boost and speed up the process.  Whether it is contacts from work, church, school, family, the club or acquaintances this grass roots move will help this economy move faster and forward.  It is really that simple.  Thank you.

Rent vs. Buy on Hilton Head Island

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Do you dream of living on Hilton Head Island?  Are you budget conscious?  Good news!  Iit is now cheaper to own a home rather than renting a similar home on Hilton Head Island.  Based on the low mortgage costs and the attractive pricing the Island offers, the buyer in our example saved approximately 12% extra* per month.  With the rising costs of rents and a limited availability of good rental properties, future residents should consider buying property rather than renting a property in the current market. Read the rest of this entry

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